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Academic Programs

Children are placed in classes according to their age upon enrollment, all classes are managed by a lead teacher and assistant teacher, who have met the qualifications and are certified for their positions by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education, Early Childhood Division. Group ratios are 1:10 for all pre-school programs

Nursery Level #1 – ages 2.9 – 3.6 years

Our youngest class and who work primarily on emotional and social development, this is taught through songs, games and projects. Each day a project (colors, shapes, numbers, seasons, weather & holidays) is presented and completed for the children to bring home, Parental separation and the development of strong self-esteem and confidence is an important goal for this age group.

Nursery Level #2 – ages 3.6 – 4 years (by March)

This class works on many of the same skill sets as the Nursery #1 children, but with more detail.
Projects have more steps which means that the listening skills have developed to a higher level.
Some of the older children in this group are ready to learn how to print their names and have enough dexterity to manage life skills i.e., snapping, zipping, buttoning and cutting.

Pre-Kindergarten – ages 4 – 5 years (must be 4 yrs. By August 31)

This class follows a curriculum which introduces phonics and whole language skills. Each week a new letter is introduced along with numbers, visual discrimination, science and health/nutrition. All children are encouraged to be able to print their first and last name using upper and lower case letters. Most other self-care skills have been developed at this time and they are working on tying & cutting. Children who have not been to school prior are also working on social and emotional development preparing for Kindergarten.
Progress Reports – every level receives two progress reports during the school year, one in January and another in June. The June report is given during year end parent conferences.
Three Little Students Playing — Child Care and Learning Center in Whitman and Braintree, MA
Students Doing Some Artworks — Child Care and Learning Center in Whitman and Braintree, MA
Boy Playing Kite — Child Care and Learning Center in Whitman and Braintree, MA

Kindergarten (5 by August 31)

Our oldest academic group is Kindergarten, in Kindergarten we continue to build academic skills on what the child learned in pre-k. The academic program is progressive and follows the Massachusetts standards for Kindergarten. Staff ratios for Kindergarten are 1:15.
We have a strong curriculum for reading readiness and most of the students are able to read simple books by the year end. Computer games are also a part of daily learning experience.
Much emphasis is put on the science, technology, engineering and math curriculum, as well as hygiene, health and nutrition. We incorporate exercise in the classroom as well as the outdoor playground.
Students complete daily projects and will begin to have “homework” getting them ready for grade one.
Students will receive a progress report in January and June. Parent conferences may be requested any time but are scheduled automatically in June prior to graduation.

Before/After School (6-9 years)

Children may attend before or after school, on snow days, school vacation weeks and during the summer. We provide transportation to several public schools which will be discussed during your intake interview. A special program comprised of computers, homework assistance and special theme weeks is in place for these students.
There is much emphasis on outdoor activities (weather permitting) indoor games and exercise replace outdoor play during winter months.